Golf Tournament Management

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Golf tournament management is not easy. There's a lot to organize with so many players coming together. Managers never hear the end of it if a player's score, ranking, or handicap is not accurate. Golfers take their game pretty seriously. Yet it is difficult to manage and calculate so many stats by hand and be one hundred percent accurate all of the time.

Tournament Management Made Easy

Sports software is widely available and there are several programs that focus on golf. There is software for individual players who want to look more closely at their game. There is software for league managers so they can more easily organize and calculate standings. This software is designed to make managing tournaments easier and more error-proof.

Golf software can handle individual or team tournaments with up to eight players per team, and up to 200 teams, depending on which program you choose. That should cover most golf tournament situations. When you use golf software, you enter your players and set up the tournament parameters. You can then build the teams and, if you are so inclined, you can print scorecards and team sheets. Once you play, you can post the score cards and tournament results.

Golf tournament management software was created by experts: professional golfers and tournament managers who got tired of pairing teams, marking scorecards and calculating results by hand. Technology has allowed this to all become automated. Now, if you are planning a tournament, you can set it up on your computer, then relax and enjoy the game.

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