Golf Tournament Management

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Golf tournament management consists of three major phases: pre-event preparation, tournament activities, and post-outing follow-up. Well in advance, tournament organizers must determine their budgets and then try to maximize the available funds. Event planners have to shop around for golf courses based on availability, cost, and quality. When inviting many beginning players, it may be appropriate to select par-three courses. Experienced players, on the other hand, prefer full 72-par courses.

After finding the right course, a tournament manager and his staff should create a schedule and list of activities for the tournament. This can include driving and putting contests, drinks, and dinner. It's also essential to determine how people will enter these tournaments. Some golf outings require invitations, and others are open to anyone who fills out an entry form. Certain tournaments are for people at certain levels of play, and that should always be indicated on enrollment flyers. This way, event staff has the right to reject applicants based on their skill levels. All the necessary supplies and catering should be ordered well in advance.

Management During and After Golf Tournaments

On the day of the event, someone has to take attendance, which is usually handled at registration desks. People need to know their tee times and on which holes they will begin play. Selected staff must be in charge of calculating handicap-weighted scores to determine the winners. Moreover, someone has to oversee contests to ensure the integrity of the results. Of course, management must ensure that food is ready when golf is over for the day.

It's proper etiquette to send thank-you cards to all participants, especially when a tournament benefits charity. In many situations, tournament organizers must ensure proper administration of prizes. Some rewards, such as trophies and plaques, require personalization. There are companies that specialize in planning and managing golf tournaments; people who have neither the time nor the expertise can always outsource this function. Hiring an external company enables tournament organizers to play golf and have fun.

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