Golf Tournament Signs

Written by Gregg Ruais
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In order for any golf tournament to be a success, people have to know about it and want to participate. PGA events are publicized through television commercials, magazines, and newspapers. Professional tournaments generate public interest on their own; when Annika Sorenstam participated in a men's tournament, for example, everyone who follows golf (and many people who do not) knew about it.

Amateur tournaments, on the other hand, receive no such publicity. Golf courses must operate within budgets to promote events. It usually costs very little to do so, because course managers already have their target audiences at their clubs. This eliminates the need to advertise in newspapers or magazines.

Golf Tournament Signs Spread the Word

Many golf clubs feature pubs and food stands where golfers hang out after playing. To generate interest in golf tournaments, course managers place signs in these common areas. Tournament signs inform potential participants of the event specifics. In loud, bold lettering, signs explain how much it costs to enter, who is eligible to participate, and what types of prizes will be given out.

After seeing the signs, interested parties seek out club professionals and ask how to sign up. The signs help spread the news of upcoming tournaments through word of mouth. Golfers are likely to tell their buddies about significant prizes, such as cash awards or even new cars for sinking holes in one.

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