Golf Tournament Software

Written by Michael O'Brien
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In the old days, you had to practically hire a team of accountants to keep track of golf scores in a tournament. By the time you've taken into account handicaps, course pars, and individual scores, you have quite a complicated mess on your hands. There are tools available to help manage such complexity. Such tools can even make the game a little more fun as well.

Golf Tournament Software for the Big Event

There are programs today that are made with the specific purpose of tracking and calculating golf scores. Player names, handicaps, and scores per hole can be easily inputted on a laptop right on the course. The data is analyzed by the software and the tournament progress can be easily tracked. Printouts and displays can even keep spectators in the know as well.

One of the most valuable applications of golf score tracking software is to allow players in a tournament to get a real time view of how they are doing. If a particular condition is causing problems for a player, it's easy to see where a change needs to be made. Many golf score tracking programs also allow a user to input specific course information. This further allows a player to see where they may need improvement.

Mid-Tournament Adjustments

With graphs and printed stats to view, a player can adjust his or her game in the middle of a tournament in order to improve performance. Just as the judges can use golf score tracking software, so can the individual player. In addition to handing out clubs, the caddy can also carry a laptop and enter pertinent data. It's true 21st century golfing at its best!

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