Golf Tournament Sponsors

Written by Gregg Ruais
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It may take some work to find golf tournament sponsors, but many small business owners consider golf courses to be ideal places for advertising. At some tournaments, people see signs at every tee. By donating money to recreational outings, businesses can claim they have contributed the money for play at specific holes. It's a localized version of television commercials that say things like, "Today's game has been brought to you by ... "

Nearby businesses tend to have the most interest in sponsoring local tournaments. Golfers represent a certain target audience; small companies that market themselves directly to consumers often have much to gain by earning the favor of golfers. Restaurants, local car dealers, law firms, and financial service providers are examples of potential golf tournament sponsors.

Sponsors Improve Golf Outings

Having sponsors may not always make tournaments completely free, but it can make such outings less expensive. Charity events earn more revenue when sponsors contribute, and post-golf parties are often more elaborate when the tournament hosts have more money to spend. Instead of providing players with hot dogs and hamburgers, hosts can pay for professional catering.

Sponsors can be asked to contribute varying dollar amounts. The businesses that donate the most money are given more publicity than companies that provide lesser financial assistance. For example, a small offering may attain special thanks in tournament pamphlets and flyers. The most generous businesspeople can receive credit for providing lucrative hole-in-one awards.

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