Golf Tournament Tips

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The best way to generate interest in a golf tournament is to make it fun. Food, drinking, and gambling are can't miss clubhouse activities that create festive atmospheres. Money and prizes increase the stakes, making matches more intense. Tournament hosts often give out prizes for best handicap-weighted scores and single-stroke accomplishments, such as closest-to-the-pin awards.

Single-stroke prizes make tournaments fun for everyone. People who play poorly on the first nine holes can easily fall out of contention for first, second, or third place. Moreover, those who lose on the first day of a weekend tournament can still win single-stroke prizes. Despite how high someone's score is heading into the 18th hole, he can always hope to make his last shot of the day land closest to the pin and win a prize.

Post-Tournament Food and Drinks

It's never a bad idea for a tournament to be about more than just golf. Many people play the sport to escape stress by spending time among friends. Golfers often have the most fun at course pubs and restaurants after they have finished playing. It's a very social sport; some men think of it as an excuse to smoke cigars and drink beers with their buddies. Therefore, tournaments that feature food and drinks for all players attract many participants.

Some tournaments end with elaborate buffets and open top-shelf bars. After people eat, tournament hosts often hold raffles for various prizes. Popular awards include tickets to PGA events, cash, and even golf vacation getaways. Regardless of the fare, people appreciate being fed. Low-cost tournaments may feature free hot dogs, hamburgers, and beers. Inexpensive raffles yield prizes like golf balls, visors, and golf tees.

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