Golf Tournaments

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Running a golf tournament is complicated, but the benefits are great, at least for the players. In a tournament, players get to mingle with cohorts. New players can make your game better. You get to try out new holes on a fresh course. You can even make valuable friends or business contacts.

Golf is a physical game as well as a social one. People often discount the athleticism involved in golf because from the outsider's perspective, it just looks like a lot of walking around and talking. To be a good player, you definitely need skill, strength, and flexibility. Physically, a good golfer must be fit.

That means the heart must be strong, so a player should undertake aerobic cardio exercise. A player should be flexible, so he or she should warm-up, stretch, and possibly even do yoga. A player should also strength train. What many don't take into account is that players also need good social skills. In golf there is a lot of time for socializing. Granted, you don't want to talk to someone while he's taking a swing, but conversation is certainly called for while traveling to the next hole.

Golf Tournaments: A Chance to Shine

Golf tournaments are a good place for these skills to shine. Whether a local league, a pro-am, or huge celebrity tournament, these events allow golfers to mingle. This can help your game as you are playing. Instead of competing against your buddy that you usually play with, you will encounter an unknown entity. If you stay open, you may even learn something new and improve your technique.

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