Golf Trophy

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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Golf tournaments are a great way to reward hard-working employees, get to know clients in a more casual atmosphere, and put that competitive spirit back into the sales force. Fun, healthy, and enjoyable, golf tournaments can be individual competitions or team competitions. They can be "best score," "closest to the pin," or "best ball" tournaments, as well.

Winners Take the Prize

Awarding trophies at your golf tournament can be a great way for your participants--be they employees or clients--to remember the day. Everyone likes to win something. Awarding a lot of trophies is one way to keep all of your guests happy. Special trophies can be awarded to the winner, the winning team, the highest score, and the best hole.

Trophies can take many forms. There are traditional, "loving cup" trophies and figural trophies. Modern ideas include etched glass mementos as well as bronze medallions. Trophies can be plaques or even holders for that special "hole-in-one" golf ball.

Inscribing your logo on the trophy along with the winner's name and date is one way to keep your client thinking of you months after the tournament. Many trophy companies will inscribe your logo and the winner's name for no additional charge. A wide variety of golf trophies are available via online retailers. Prices range from under fifty dollars to well over two hundred dollars each.

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