Golfer Gift Idea

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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Wondering what to get the golfer in your life? Consider giving golf clubs. Either individually or as a set, golf clubs make great gifts for golfers of any skill level. Whether it's a putter for your favorite secretary or a complete set of titanium clubs for your spouse, golf clubs are a treasured and welcome gift.

Golf Club Guide

For beginners, you might give a starter set of a putter, a driver, and a couple of irons. For a trusted friend, valued client, or loyal employee, you might consider an individual putter or wedge. And while you're at it, you might reward yourself with a driver. Golf clubs are made with steel or graphite shafts. Steel is more durable and more affordable, but heavier to carry. Graphite is significantly more expensive, but weighs less while creating a faster swing.

Don't forget the accessories that go with the golf clubs. A leather golf bag, golf glove, golf head covers, and personalized golf club markers can help complete any set. For a starting golfer, you might throw in a few tees, golf balls, and a golf towel. A veteran golfer will appreciate an engraved putter to go with his set or a snappy golf cap to accompany his clubs.

Individual golf clubs and golf club sets are available through online golf retailers, local golf stores, and country club pro shops. Unsure what to buy? You might consider giving a gift certificate so your favorite golfer can choose his own golf clubs.

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