Golfing Techniques

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Proper golfing techniques are absolutely essential in order to master this challenging, yet rewarding sport. Beginning golfers too often find themselves frustrated with the game because they have not spent enough time honing the proper golfing techniques they will need to succeed. One cannot simple walk onto a golf course and play with any proficiency without practicing proper golfing techniques.

Basic Golfing Techniques

One of the most important aspects of golfing technique is the backswing. The backswing can be compared to the coiling of a spring. It creates the energy that will send the ball flying. For right handed players, the backswing is limited by your left arm which acts as a guide. Your movement should be smooth, not choppy, and if done properly your wrists will cock comfortably and naturally.

Before you can initiate a good backswing, you'll first need to address the ball properly. The way you set up to the ball before you hit it is critical. Your feet should be spread to a comfortable distance and your knees will be flexed just a little. Most importantly, make sure your stance is comfortable. Now, grip the club and look down at your hands. Are they directly over the ball? They should be, that is the proper hand position for you to start your backswing.

What about that grip? It should feel comfortable as well. For right handers, your left hand should be above your right. There are a few different grips you can experiment with until you find the one that is right for you. Again, your left arm will act as guide for your swing, and your movements should be fluid and straight.

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