Graphite Golf Club Shafts

Written by Kevin Little
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Graphite golf club shafts are the among the most popular and playable golfing components currently produced. Golf equipment designers really have a ball with graphite, since its weight i only a fifth of steel. That leaves a lot of leeway when it comes to making clubs that conform to very specific playing characteristics.

Why is a lighter material so good for making golf clubs? Well, in large part it comes down to two factors: torque and, of course, weight. Club makers often make shafts thicker in order to reduce torque when swinging and hitting the ball. However, if you add too much extra metal to a steel shaft, you'd wind up with a club you couldn't swing!

Graphite Golf Club Shafts: Light and Stiff

That's why the relative lightness of graphite is so useful. Graphite golf club shafts don't suffer a drop-off in power despite the lack of heft, due to the fact that graphite can also be made stiffer than steel. If such golfing technology is interesting to you, you might want to consider the next logical step: designing your own clubs!

No, you probably won't be working in a lab to come up with new materials and combinations. You can, however, combine existing elements--shafts, heads and grips--to come up with your own ideal club that plays just the way you want it to. Sifting through the various graphite golf club shafts are a great way to begin such a process.

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