Hole In One

Written by Gregg Ruais
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A hole in one is among the least common single-play accomplishments in all of sports; it's so rare that some professional golfers never make one in their lifetimes. Players at all levels always remember exactly where they were when they or one of their friends made a hole in one. In some instances, people claim to have "felt it" immediately after making contact. Most golfers who have made the shot say they "knew it had a chance after hitting the ball." The most rare and unbelievable hole-in-one stories involve balls bouncing off rocks, trees, or even skimming off water to inevitably fall neatly into the golf holes.

It's a long-standing tradition among recreational golfers that the guy who makes a hole in one buys drinks for everyone at the clubhouse. Making that shot feels so good that players don't care about the money. While the others might be just a little jealous of the guy who made the shot, at least they get free cocktails, beers, and shots for the remainder of the night. It's truly an occasion for celebration.

Hole-in-One Golf Balls

Some people feel so enthralled after making a hole in one that they lose all sense of reason. My father, for example, was so delighted after making his hole in one that he forgot to pocket the ball, something he regrets to this day. Overly enthused, he hooked his next tee shot into the woods and lost the ball forever. Feeling guilty about not reminding him to keep the ball, one of my father's friends bought him a commemorative ball as a consolation.

Many pro shops sell special frames and pedestals to commemorate hole-in-one shots. Golfers place their hole-in-one balls into these items and hang them on their walls at home or set them on their work desks. These keepsakes forever remind people of their greatest athletic accomplishments.

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