Houston Golf

Written by Donald Sparacin
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In Houston golf is more than a game - it's always been a passion. There are over 200 courses in Texas' largest city. Naturally all the world's great designers are represented here, and you'll find that many Houston golf courses are within reasonable price ranges. A game will cost you between a very affordable $40 up to $125.

Houston Golf Is Popular

There are estimated to be about 300,000 golfers in the greater Houston golf market. Divide that number by the roughly 200 courses and you would assume that you'd have to book tee time months in advance for you to get to play. Yet that isn't so. It seems that when the rain or storms come to Houston it's happening on the weekends, which is making it difficult for many people to find some tee time. Houston courses are feeling the lack of attendance and many are raising their green fees to keep afloat, so don't assume the costs have remained static.

There are about 100 private Houston golf and country clubs, and even they seem to be struggling. Many have begun to advertise for new members. Some analysts believe that the day may come when many of these clubs will be opening up to the public to keep funds coming in. Yet what does all of this mean to the traveler?

Travelers looking for a tee time to play Houston golf will be thrilled that the locals aren't blocking out all of the preferred times. They may pay a bit more for their 18 or 36 holes of golf, but they don't realize that there's even been an increase. Green fees in other parts of the country have been and continue to be higher than the average price of golf in Houston, so to the visitor wanting to play a great course, it seems like a bargain. No matter what the price of golf in Houston is, the courses are great, they are meticulously maintained, and well worth a visit. Golf in Houston is a permanent fixture and always will be!

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