Illegal Golf Drivers

Written by Alex Miller
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Illegal golf drivers are those drivers that are not legal to use in the professional golf world. They are high-C.O.R. (coefficient of restitution) drivers which usually have the spring effect on the club head. It results in the ball being driven much farther than possible with a legal driver.

Using Illegal Golf Drivers

There are specific rules that outline what exactly illegal golf drivers are. If the clubhead has the impact of a spring or puts significantly more spin on the ball than a standard club head, it is illegal. This also includes any club head that unduly influences the ball's movement.

You can find lists on the Internet that state every illegal driver out there. If you find a driver on that list that interested you, it means that the driver exceeds the C.O.R. limit that the USGA put in place. The USGA specifies that the C.O.R. of a driver cannot exceed .830 in any handicap rounds or competition rounds.

If you're looking to improve your golf game, you should avoid using illegal golf drivers. Since they are improving your game in an inefficient manner, they do nothing to add to your skills. You should avoid using illegal golf drivers overall.

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