Incorrect Golf Swings

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Do you spend hours at the range, working your way up and down the bag, only to hit every club roughly the same distance and never seeing any improvement? Chances are that you are are cursed with one of the world's many incorrect golf swings. This is not your fault, for it is likely that you just started golfing casually with equally casual friends who were unable to show you the right way to swing a golf club.

However, do not despair. There are legions out there like you with incorrect golf swings, and they can all take advantage of some of the things a pro can teach you. It may seem like a waste to spend all that money taking lessons, but you will never get better without coaching. Golf is like any other sport; nobody was ever just born with a wicked crossover dribble or ability to read pass-rush defenses, they were taught how to do these things. A golf pro can help you build your swing from the ground up, and get rid of all the nasty tendencies that cause you to post a triple digit score every time.

Isn't This an Expensive Way to Fix Incorrect Golf Swings?

Many people are weary of doling out a ton of money to have someone teach them how to hit a little white ball, but isn't it better than spending thousands of dollars on equipment you don't know how to use? Seriously, the more you think about it, the more sense hiring the services of a golf pro makes. In addition, you may be able to go through a local college or university to take a golf class at a greatly reduced rate, often it is just the cost of tuition for a one credit class, which can be approximately the same price as three lessons. This might be a great solution to any cost concerns you may have.

Incorrect golf swings are the detriment of many a golfer, but you don't have to be plagued by this problem. If you can't afford lessons, special training clubs are designed to help you fix the problems in your swing. All it takes is a little practice and a small investment in lessons or equipment to make you a better golfer.

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