Irish Golf Travels

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Most avid golfers know that the origins of the game can be traced to games played in Ireland and Scotland. To this day, even those unfamiliar with golf associate it with undulating green hills and holes set against the sea. It is these almost mythical images that originated in the Emerald Isles, and that make the experience of golfers in Ireland unique. The reality of golf in America has a more mixed identity. You can find a golf course in every single American state and due to differences in architecture and climate, the feel and look of the game will differ slightly from region to region.

Golf in Ireland, on the other hand, has a more unified appearance. Courses are woven into the land as if a part of the natural landscape. The people of Ireland understand the sport's heritage and have succeeded in the preservation of this magical aura.

Irish Golf Travels Create Lasting Images and Impressions
To many, Ireland is simply about the golf. Irish coastlines evoke thoughts of dog leg rights and tees that overlook the Atlantic. The number of golfing fans that choose Ireland as their vacation destination is growing each year. Most would attribute this fact to the country's combination of magnificent scenery, hospitality, and golf that challenges even the most seasoned professionals.

Beyond playing the links of Ireland, getting from course to course is part of the country's mass appeal. The Irish countryside is the picture of serenity and travelers often remark on the country's lack of road signs. However, the farther one gets from a city, the farther off are the stresses of everyday life.

One of the most interesting aspects of Irish golf is that you can literally stumble across a well-renowned course without significant warning. This is a key and meaningful element for the would-be golf traveler in Ireland. The feeling of stumbling across an unexpected emerald gem-of-a-course is indeed gratifying.

What to Keep in Mind About Irish Golf Travels
When planning Irish golf travels, there are several things one should bear in mind. Links golf can be demanding and it's not for the feint of heart. If Arizona is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of golf, get ready to make some key adjustments.

Majestic are the courses of Ireland, but the climate can be a bit trying, so rain gear and warm clothing are advisable, even in the summer. Also, golf carts are somewhat hard to come by in Ireland so one must be prepared to walk. Though most of Ireland's tourist friendly courses offer caddie service, purchasing a lightweight golf bag just in case may be a worthwhile investment.

Many of Ireland's private courses are open to visitors. Of course, this is totally unlike most private clubs in America, which do not allow guests to play without direct connections to members. There are exceptions, but for the most part, Ireland embraces golf enthusiasts from all over the world. If it's Monday afternoon and you find yourself at one of the many courses in Northern or Southwestern Ireland, a reservation for play might not even be necessary.

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