Iron Head Covers

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Irons are the most numerous type of club in the bag. A player will often carry 10 irons out of the 14 allowed. Irons are most commonly used to hit approach shots into the green. Getting the ball to stop on the green is an essential part of a well hit approach shot. Clean club heads as well as undamaged grooves will make stopping the ball on the green a little easier. One way to ensure that your heads remain in good condition is to use head covers for your irons.

Iron head covers are made out of a flexible yet firm plastic. Each iron has a different shape and a set of head covers will include a cover for each head. Each cover is clearly marked to identify which corresponding iron it belongs to. This makes it easier to find your club in the bag as well as figuring out where each cover goes when you first get the set of covers.

A Benefit of Iron Head Covers

The grooves on the club face are not there just for show. The grooves are what cause the spin of the golf ball. The grooves will grab the golf ball and force it to start spinning backwards. This backwards spin will create a higher trajectory and allow the ball to either stop or back up once it hits the ground. Grooves that are damaged may not be able to grab the ball properly at impact. This may result in lower shots that run through the green, which will ultimately lead to higher scores.

Iron head covers will protect the grooves from damage when they are not in use. When walking with a set of clubs on your back, each iron will knock together. This continuous knocking can damage the iron and reduce the playability of the club. Head covers will protect the iron and may even increase the longevity of the club.

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