Junior Golf Sets

Written by Jacey Harmon
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A standard set of golf clubs includes a total of 14 different clubs. This is because the rules of golf allow an individual to only carry 14 clubs while playing. Typically three woods, a three through nine iron, three wedges and a putter are found in most adult's bag. For junior golfers, however, the need for 14 clubs may vary from age group and skill level.

Golf Sets for Juniors

A good rule of thumb is the younger the player, the lower total of clubs will be needed. For a very young child, around age three, there is likely only a need for three clubs. A wood, an iron and a putter will be necessary to teach young players the game. As the kid's playing ability grows, you can add clubs as necessary.

Not only should you add clubs when the skill level appreciates, but you should include more clubs as the child gets older. Adding irons as the child learns to play the game of golf should be the first step to increasing a set. Learning how to properly hit an iron shot is essential to playing the game of golf. Junior irons can be bought individually or in a brand new set of clubs.

The older the kid gets, the more similar to adult clubs they become. As the child grows, the loft on the club will decrease. A higher loft on the club face makes it easier to hit a straight shot and a lower loft makes it more difficult. Clubs for younger kids will have higher lofts and gradually decrease until they carry the same loft as an adult set. The shafts for junior clubs are different from adult clubs. Junior clubs will have a more flexible shaft than adults; this allows the junior to square the club up easier.

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