Junior Left Handed Golf Clubs

Written by Jacey Harmon
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If you are left handed, life can be a pain, from ill-fitting scissors to having difficulty finding golf equipment. Finding golf equipment for right handed individuals is rather simple; after all, a vast majority of golfers are right handed. The reason why left handed clubs are so hard to find is because only a small percentage of the golfing population is left handed.

The club companies invest huge sums of money in designing and building golf clubs. The costs of designing a club can run as high as $140,000 before a single club is ever manufactured. Club makers are in business to make money; therefore, it is not feasible to make the same amount of left handed sets as right handed sets. Instead, club makers anticipate which styles of clubs will sell best and produce left handed clubs in that particular style.

Left Handed Golf Clubs for Kids

A majority of golfers are right handed adults; therefore they get most of the attention from club makers. A left handed kid is typically not high on the list of the club manufacturers' target audience. This can make finding a left handed set of clubs for a child even more exhausting than finding a left handed set for an adult.

The Internet has made finding a set of left handed clubs for a kid a lot easier. By using the Internet to locate left handed clubs, you have access to possibly thousands of golf shops versus only a small group in your local area. In fact, there are businesses that focus solely on golf clubs for kids, something you will not likely find in your home town. These shops will often offer custom built or pre-set left handed clubs for juniors for you to choose from.

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