Kids' Golf Games

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Kids can enjoy many different ways to play golf both at home and on the golf course. There are a variety of different ways to play the game of golf on the golf course. Kids can also enjoy playing the game at home with family and friends on a rainy day. If your child has a passion for the game of golf, you may want to consider playing a few of these games.

A great home game to play is called GoLo. This is a dice-based golf game that includes nine dice that represent nine holes. Each die has a different color representing a "par" for the dice. You roll the dice and have to select a few scores for each roll. You continue to roll until your full 18 hole round is complete. This game is fast to learn and very enjoyable to play for all ages.

There are a variety of video and board games available for kids to play at home. EA Sports makes the Tiger Woods video game series which can be purchased for PC or gaming platforms like the PlayStation and X-Box. Parker Brothers makes a Monopoly golf version of the game. Instead of real estate you can buy and own major courses and equipment manufactures.

Golf Games to Play on the Course

A great game to play on the course with you child is "bingo, bango, bongo." This is a game that doesn't keep score by counting total strokes on each hole. Instead you get points for accomplishing tasks on each hole. Typically a point is awarded for being the first to hit his ball on the green. Once all the players are on the green, the one closes to the hole wins a point. Finally, the first one to putt the ball into the hole wins the final point. You can change what each point is awarded for on each hole or for each round. The game is a lot of fun to play and relieves the young player from worrying about shooting a high score.

Another great game to play on the course is "match play." Match play is a traditional version of golf played by professionals and amateurs alike. Each hole is a separate match and if a player shoots a lower score, he wins the hole. Whoever wins the most holes wins the match. Since each hole is its own separate match, children will not be forced to try and overcompensate for shooting a high score on a hole. Instead it can teach the young player to put the bad score behind him or her and focus on the holes to come.

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