La Jolla Junior Golf Clubs

Written by Jacey Harmon
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La Jolla junior golf clubs feature a patented multi-use head. The head allows a single club to offer two different lofts. The junior chokes up on the club to turn a seven iron into an eight iron. These heads give the junior an opportunity to have a full set of sticks with half the clubs.

La Jolla Junior Sets

La Jolla makes a total of five different sets of junior golf clubs. All sets are available in right and left handed models. The smallest set is the Snoopy toddler set. This includes one driver, one iron, one putter, and a Snoopy bag. This set is intended for children aged two to four. La Jolla makes a Snoopy set for kids aged four to six as well. The Snoopy set gets its name from the pictures of Snoopy on the golf clubs.

The remaining sets are color coded and separated by the child's age. The blue set is intended for children ages six through eight. The yellow set is for children ages eight through ten. Children between ten and twelve will need to use the green set. The ages are more of a guideline for finding the right fit. To find the right fit, measure the distance between the floor and the child's closed fist.

The color coded sets include the dual head clubs. A full set of clubs will include two combination woods, four combination irons, one putter and one stand bag. The combination woods equal a 1/3 wood and 5/7 wood. The set of combination irons runs from a five iron through a pitching wedge.

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