Lady Golf Gifts

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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More women are getting interested in golf than ever before. The ladies' PGA tour is increasingly popular, and women are applying in greater numbers for the U.S. Open tournament. Are there lady golfers in your life, perhaps your mother, your boss, or that special someone? You might consider giving them a golf-themed gift.

Golf gifts are both thoughtful and useful. They show that you took the time to consider the recipient's interests, while still being eminently practical: golf clubs, golf balls, or golf gloves will all get plenty of use. Golf gifts can also be whimsical, like golf ball earrings, golf candles, or golf clocks. There is even golf jewelry that contains insect repellent--practical and stylish.

Lots for the Ladies

Indeed, many golf gifts are particularly geared towards women. Golf visors and golf skirts make tasteful gifts for any female golfer. In addition, golf items also make thoughtful gifts for the home. Lamps, dishes, rugs and sheets are all easily found with a golf theme.

For that extra special occasion, what about a golf trip? A pilgrimage to St. Andrews in Scotland or to Pebble Beach in California is sure to please any female golfer. Prices on golf gifts for women vary from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. If you can't decide what to get, you might consider giving a gift certificate. That way your favorite lady can choose her own golf gift.

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