Longer Golf Drives

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Every avid golfer lusts after the dream of consistently hitting longer golf drives, spending hours at the golf range and maybe even thousands of dollars on fancy equipment. These can be important elements in improving your distance, but how can you best maximize the use of your time and money to hit the ball as far as possible? It all comes down to the right equipment, proper form, and hours of practice.

The first thing you must do to hit longer golf drives is make sure that you have the right equipment. Just because you spent $1500 on a set of club does not make them the right gear for you. If you are going to spend that kind of money on a set of clubs, it makes sense to have your swing evaluated by a professional who can make sure that every piece of your clubs are right for your game. Every person is different, and each requires a set of club that suits the uniqueness of their abilities. Having the right grip, shaft length and rigidity, and the proper size titanium club head can go a long way in your quest to hit longer golf drives.

The next thing to work on is your form and technique, for without perfecting it you will never reach your full potential on the links. Unless you have a friend who really knows what they are talking about the best way to learn about proper form and technique is to take some lessons from your local golf pro. They can work with you in building your swing from the ground up, and like building a house on a solid foundation, you can ensure years of structurally sound play. Purchasing a form enhancing teaching tool can also be a great way to improve your game.

Longer Golf Drives: Practice Makes Perfect

Once you have the right gear and know how to correctly swing a club, the only thing left to do is practice. Of course, you must also practice the right way. This is a surprisingly common pitfall, for many golfers will spend half their time at the range hitting their two or three favorite clubs and only spend marginal time working with the clubs they need the most practice on. This is actually very detrimental to a golfer's game, for it is only when you understand and have mastered the whole range of clubs in your bag that you will hit longer golf drives, straighter shots, and prettier chips.

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