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Written by Jacey Harmon
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When shopping for a set of golf clubs for a child, the age and skill level will decide which sets you should consider. Children who are young or have a low skill level will do well with a small set with higher lofts. For kids who are a little older and have a somewhat above average skill level, you may want to get them larger sets with lower lofts. Mega Force has designed a set of golf clubs intended to be used for children ages nine through twelve who have more skill than other players.

Mega Force Sets

The Mega Force Big Blast II set is the latest set released for juniors with a higher skill level. The Big Blast II set is considered to be the last set of junior clubs a child will use before moving up to adult clubs. The clubs are designed with the standard loft that is found with adult clubs. The standard loft is one of the reasons why these clubs should be considered for highly skilled players.

The driver that is used in the Big Blast II set has a massive, super-sized club head. The new driver is a whopping 410 cubic centimeters and carries a loft of ten degrees. The Great Big Bertha by Callaway can come in a head size of 415 cubic centimeters. The oversized head creates a larger club face allowing for a larger "sweet spot." The driver is made out of a titanium alloy.

Big Blast II clubs come in a set of seven and a set of twelve. The sets are available for only right handed players. The set of seven clubs includes a driver, an oversized three wood, three, five, seven, nine irons and a heel-toe weighted putter. The set of twelve clubs includes a driver, three and five wood, a full set of irons (three through a pitching wedge) and a putter. Both sets include a bag that includes padded dividers and a double shoulder strap.

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