Million Dollar Hole In One

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Most insurance companies will only cover a million-dollar-hole-in-one contest if there are four or fewer competitors vying for the prize. A million dollars is just so much money, and insurers cannot allow 150 players a chance, regardless of how unlikely a hole in one really is. Even if an insurance company did offer the million dollars to hundreds of participants, they would have to charge exorbitant coverage fees that many golf courses would not be willing to pay.

The million-dollar-hole-in-one contest is something usually done after golf is finished for the day. Outing organizers either hold raffles or organize various challenges to determine which players get to play for a million dollars. They can award the shot to the player who had the most handicap-weighted birdies or use any number of measurements to decide who gets to shoot.

Taking the Million Dollar Hole in One Shot

The shot itself is a complete prayer. Even professionals rarely attempt to make holes in one when they play. There's too much yardage in between the golfer and the hole to be dead-on accurate. Besides, the wind and slight inconsistencies on the greens make it nearly impossible to keep the ball on a perfectly straight line. Golfers play the wind and contours of the course, but breezes in the air vary from those on the ground, and they can pick up or slow down at any point in time.

Hoping to glimpse something miraculous, people gather round to watch these competitions. Friends of the participants offer advice on where to aim and which clubs to use. It's a truly existential moment for the person taking the shot. With one perfect swing, a golfer's life could be forever changed.

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