One Of A Kind Gifts

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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Serious golfers are prone to snapping up golf items for themselves long before someone else can offer such items as gifts. What, then, do you get the golfer in your life who seems already to have everything? In such cases, you might consider some of the following one-of-a-kind gifts.

Surprise Him with Something Different

One-of-a-kind golf gifts include items a golfer can use on the course, such as a personalized, engraved putter, a monogrammed glove or custom-made shoes. They also include unique, hand-made golf club head covers or monogrammed golf club markers.

In addition, golf antiques are also typically one-of-a-kind. Antique golf balls, for example, make an affordable and popular golf gift. In the early 1900s, there were over 200 golf ball manufacturers, including most of the major rubber makers. Most of those companies are either out of business or concentrating on other lines of business. The scarcity of these early golf balls is what makes them special. Wooden golf ball display cases are a stylish way to show them off.

Antique golf clubs are also valuable and beloved. An antique matched set is a particularly special prize, but even a single hickory golf club can make a great conversation piece when placed strategically in a den or office. If you are seeking one-of-a-kind golf gifts, you might start at online golf retailers and golf antique stores. However, online auctions, such as Yahoo or eBay, sometimes also have unique, collectible items.

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