Penley Golf Shafts

Written by Kevin Little
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Penley golf shafts made a big splash this past February at the Buick Invitational. When one thinks of "big" in terms of golf, one of the first images brought to mind is Big John Daly. Battling his demons throughout, he won the tournament on the first playoff hole with the help of Penley.

Any listing of the greatest drivers ever to play the game is sure to include John Daly, whose incredible prowess off the tee is considered legendary. Now, no matter what equipment you use, you're probably not going to consistently hit drives like John in competition--who can? Of course, if Daly relies on Penley golf shafts, don't you think they might be just a little bit helpful to the rest of us?

Penley Golf Shafts: The Sky's the Limit

The enthusiasm for Penley golf shafts is sweeping the professional and amateur ranks alike. These premium graphite shafts have helped players of all levels attain consistent power from their shots. The best features of graphite shafts, light weight and low torque, are combined in these serious pieces of golf equipment.

Even the recreational player on a budget should consider Penley, especially if one is of the mind to construct his or her own golf clubs. Assembling the shafts and heads and layering on the grip yourself can not only provide you with an incredible range of performance options, but can also defray some of the cost of high-quality equipment. Doing some of the work allows you to carry clubs that out-perform your wildest predictions!

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