Pga Golf Scores

Written by Michael O'Brien
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Many golf score tracking programs not only allow you to track player scores, but can also give you the option to enter specific conditions to take into account. These can include handicaps, but also specific rule guidelines. Depending on the rules, a game can look very different. You may fare a certain way under one set of conditions, but how would you do under the same conditions if the rules were different?

PGA Rules

The Professional Golf Association, or PGA, rules hearken back to the proud traditions of the game of golf. These guidelines are a bit strict, but must be closely adhered to. First off, you must play all holes in order. You also may not carry any more than 14 clubs. You are not allowed to use a different ball in the middle of playing a hole unless the ball is somehow damaged. Even then, you must ask the permission of your opponents before changing balls.

There are two types of PGA games. In match play, every hole is considered a separate game. When a hole is won, a player is considered to be up by one hole. The overall tournament game is won in a best out of the number of holes played situation. In stroke play, the player with the lowest total score after all the holes are played is the winner. These rules are the ones many of us more casual golf players are familiar with. It's basically how miniature golf is played.

There are many other, more obscure and arbitrary rules associated with a PGA game. For example, you may not ask anyone but your caddy or partner for advice. In match play, you must tell an opponent your score if asked. When a hole is being played, the golfer whose ball is farthest from the hole always goes first. The list of rules goes on and on. Before entering a PGA rules tournament, make sure you are well schooled in the proud traditions of the game.

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