Power Play Golf Clubs

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Power Play golf clubs are typically custom built golf clubs. They offer a selection of clubs intended and designed specifically for children. Children will have lower swing speeds than adults and will require more a flexible shaft. Children will also need to have higher lofts than what are commonly used for adult clubs. Power Play golf clubs are built with those specific needs in mind.

Most Power Play golf clubs are custom built for each child who uses them. Custom clubs are designed and built to specifications that match the child's body. This will allow the club to work in a more efficient manner, creating better shots for the beginning player. The child also benefits by being able to feel a little pride and excitement in having clubs built specifically for him.

Design of Junior Clubs

Most junior clubs are just adult clubs cut down to fit the younger player. This is not the best thing to do for your young child. Adult clubs are designed for more powerful adults that typically have a higher skill level than a child. You should focus on clubs that are designed specifically with children in mind.

Clubs designed for children will have more flexible shafts than adult clubs. Adults can have swing speeds of 90-110 miles per hour. Many professional players have swing speeds close to 130 miles per hour. Children on the other hand will typically have swing speeds much less than the average adult. A shaft that is designed with slower swing speeds in mind will allow a young player to easily square the club at impact.

The loft of the club face differs for children. Higher loft makes it much easier to hit the ball straight than does a lower loft club. Children's clubs will have a higher loft across the board than what an adult would have. A nine iron for a child may have a loft of 50 degrees while an adult nine iron would have 43 degrees of loft. By giving the child higher lofts, you make it easier for him to hit good shots and enjoy the game more.

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