Poweredge Golf Clubs

Written by Jacey Harmon
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PowerEdge golf clubs are designed for teens and young adults. These clubs will have standard lofts, the main reason why they are for older children. PowerEdge makes clubs for both women and men. Their clubs come in right handed and left handed models. Each set of PowerEdge clubs will include a group of woods, irons, and a putter. Depending on the vendor, a bag may be included with the set.

PowerEdge Golf Clubs

Woods are a standard part of every bag. PowerEdge sets include a couple more woods than what a normal set would. They have taken out the longer irons, which are harder to hit, and replaced them with higher woods. The woods will have higher lofts and larger sweet spots to make a long shot a little easier. The woods are made out of titanium and the drivers come in 400 and 405 cubic centimeter sizes.

The irons in the set are a perimeter weighted design. Perimeter weighting reduces twisting on off center shots by shifting the weight of the club to the edges. The irons have a wider sole that lowers the center of gravity, giving an opportunity for increased success on each shot. Each iron is made out of reinforced titanium and has an oversized sweet spot. The putter is a heel/toe design; this design reduces flex and shifting on off center putts.

PowerEdge clubs can fit most budgets as they are not cost prohibitive. A full set of PowerEdge clubs can cost less than $200. Each set is a full fourteen club set; a full set under $200 is a good value compared to $500 for a Titleist driver. If a bag is included with the clubs, I would consider it a very good value for the money.

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