Practice Golf Balls

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Golf takes a lot of dedication and practice to become a good player. Each part of the game requires a different set of skills. Driving requires high flexibility and great timing of the hands, arms, shoulders and hips. Putting requires smooth arm motions with an eye for reading the green. Chipping requires balance and a fluid stroke that won't force the ball. Each aspect of the game requires different practice techniques. Each area of the game will also require different golf balls.

Golf Balls to Use When Practicing

Most people will practice hitting golf shots on a driving range. The golf balls used on a driving range are different than what you will use on the golf course. Driving range balls are designed with lower compression than a normal ball. The lower compression causes the ball to fly less than a normal ball. This allows the driving range or golf course to designate less area to the practice facility. When practicing on the driving range, keep in mind that they will fly shorter than your normal ball.

When you practice putting, you will want to use the ball that you will use on the course. This is because putting requires a certain amount of feel of the ball, putter and green speed. Every golfer will putt a few times on the practice green before playing a round to get a gauge on the speed of the greens. If you use a ball that is not your typical ball it may throw your feel out of whack and cause you to miss a lot of putts.

If you are practicing at home, there are two basic types of ball you can use. A waffle ball is a practice ball that is basically a hollowed out, plastic ball that looks like Swiss cheese. These balls will fly only a few yards and you don't have any idea how well you are stroking the ball. AlmostGolf balls are designed to fly much less than a regular ball. These balls are safe to use in any environment and match the flight of a regular ball. The true flight characteristics of an Almost ball will show how well you are hitting the ball.

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