Public Golf Courses In Las Vegas

Written by Kevin Little
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Public golf courses in Las Vegas have a lot going their way in terms of nature--not something you'd necessarily expect from such a desert outpost. While most people think of sand and dirt as primary features of the Las Vegas environment, this arid area is actually awash in interesting natural features, some of which make for spectacular views on a golf course. As long as there's enough water to keep the greens green, Las Vegas golf is in fine shape even in such a counterintuitive locale.

One of the natural formations that lends depth and power to public golf courses in Las Vegas are the desert mountains. The Mojave desert's Black Mountains, for example, provide a spectacular backdrop to any golf outing. Add the exotic flora of the desert into the mix, and you have a course in a setting you won't soon forget.

Setting up Time at Public Golf Courses in Las Vegas

Then again, you're not just on the course to gawk--you want to play some golf as well. In that case, you'll be heartened to know that some of golf's biggest names, such a Callaway, have set up shop in Vegas and offer both their wares and course design expertise to the visiting golfer. You won't get a much more focused or in-depth taste for the game than you will while in the company of the people who make it all happen, starting, of course, with the clubs.

Once you get a sense of the public golf courses in Las Vegas, you won't want to leave--and, lucky for you, there are some great golf bargains to be found even in Vegas. Have a bad round today? Don't worry about it--just get back out there tomorrow! Thanks to the unique properties of the big LV, you won't have to worry about any bad memories following you home.

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