Public Golf Courses In Orlando

Written by Kevin Little
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Public golf courses in Orlando have nothing to do with Mickey Mouse. Which is fine--as lovable as those big ears and wide smile are, it's good to inject a modicum of diversity into any vacation. Besides, who can pass up the opportunity to play golf in one of the world's most popular resort areas?

Lots of travelers go in search of local color when away from home--they look for the mom & pop diner that has the best peach pie for miles, or the roadside stand that just happens to serve homemade blackberry ice cream. For the golf fan, local color is found in the trees, bunkers, ponds and grasses that make up the municipal golf scene. For such bag-laden wanderers, the many public golf courses in Orlando are sure to be a delight to the senses.

Public Golf Courses in Orlando on the Fly

For the visitor to Orlando, time is short to make the most of the golfing opportunities that await. That's what it's best to do a bit of scouting before you arrive on the scene. A little knowledge of the habits and hazards of the local courses can allow you to make and informed, rational decision--so hard to do sometimes when faced with the unexpected details of travel.

After all, included among the public golf courses in Orlando is one of the nation's most exciting new courses, featuring unique and sudden changes in course elevation. Such diamonds in the rough are what you're after when you're looking for an unforgettable vacation experience. Top it all off with a cup of ice cream by the side of the road, and you're looking at day unlikely to be duplicated anytime soon.

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