Putting Contests

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Among golfers, a commonly used expression goes, "Driving is for the show, but putting is for the dough." This basically means that spending several hours on the driving range without short-game practice is a waste of time. To win golf tournaments, people need the ability to make putts. The saying becomes even truer in putting contests when people compete for up to $1 million.

In many contests, there are no guaranteed winners. Selected participants are given a finite number of opportunities to sink 50 or 40-foot putts. The first person to make the putt wins the prize and forever earns the reputation for being a clutch putter, regardless of his or her skill level.

Winning Putting Contests Is a Euphoric Feeling

People who sink money putts remain part of golf-course lore forever. People never forget the day they watched someone win $10K, $25K, or much more on one single putt. Some contests result in winners driving away with brand new sports cars. Another enticing prize is a set of tickets to the finals of all the major American sports leagues.

Just imagine the euphoria one must feel after winning those types of prizes. A putt requires no more energy than blinking one's eyelids, but, with the purchase of putting contest insurance, people have the opportunity to feel like the pros do when they take shots with that much money on the line. After winning, people should expect their friends to want free drinks for the rest of the night; buying drinks for everyone never feels as good as after winning several grand in a contest.

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