Putting Insurance

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Golf outing hosts who want to hold putting contests for prizes have a few different options from which to choose. Putting challenges differ from one another in terms of distance from the cup, how many chances people get, the number of players allowed to participate, and the prizes offered. Most people can only afford to hold the best competitions with the help of insurance companies, which offer affordable fees and very lucrative prizes.

Putting insurance costs more money than hole-in-one coverage, because people are much more likely to sink 50-foot putts than make holes in one. Regardless of the price, putting contests have become very popular for that exact reason. Participants know they are more likely to make putts than holes in one.

If given one chance to make a hole in one, most people would hardly feel any pressure to perform. Many golfers have taken thousands of tee shots in their lives, and they never expected any of them to go in, which is why golfers celebrate holes in one the way they do. Long putts, on the other hand, are very attainable. Even when no prizes are offered, people always line up their shots, assess the contours of the greens, and truly concentrate on not hitting the ball too hard or soft. An experienced player has a strong chance of making a money putt.

Electronic Putting Challenges

Some putting contests seem more like miniature golf. Electronic putting greens morph into different shapes, making each shot different. Putting challenges on these greens, which are relatively small, require participants to make nine consecutive shots. When prizes are this hard to win, insurance companies allow more opportunities at little extra cost.

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