Scotland Golf Vacations

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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Golf as we know it developed in Scotland in the mid-15th century. In fact, the first written reference to golf comes from the Scottish King, James II. King James II banned golf, as did several of his successors, because it was keeping his archers away from their practice. (It seems there were golf widows even in the 1400s.)

The first rules of golf were written down in Edinburgh in 1744, even though the word "golf" seems to have its origins in a Dutch stick-and-ball game. The spirit of golf lives on in Scotland today, and many of the courses there have seen play for well over two hundred years. This beautiful country of craggy coastlines, misty dales, and lush green meadows lends itself to creating memorable golf courses.

Visiting Scotland's Magnificent Golf Courses

For most serious golfers, visiting and playing Scotland's venerable courses, especially the St Andrew's Old Course, represents a pilgrimage. A well-planned trip to Scotland can allow a golfer to play such championship courses as Prestwick Old, near Glasgow, or Gleneagles, Turnberry, or Inverness, in the Scottish highlands. For a truly extravagant vacation, you might combine this experience with luxury accommodations in Scottish manor houses, tours of Whiskey (the drink we Americans call Scotch) distilleries, and a car and driver to take you to and from the golf courses in style.

A tour package to Scotland includes everything you need for one price. Airfare, unique accommodations, a car and driver, tee times, and greens fees can all be confirmed with just one call or onsite inquiry. Several tour operators offer such packages. Make sure that you deal with an operator that has a relationship with the famous golf courses, as they are often able to confirm tee times even when the courses are fully booked.

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