Smt 455

Written by Scott Martin
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The SMT 455 won the World Long Drive Championship in 2002 for its stellar distance. It drove 384 yards--one of the longest drives out there. It won this award the very first year it was on the market, showing that it is a top notch club for any golfer.

SMT 455 Basics

In addition to its great performance, the SMT 455 is really a beautiful club. With a rich, translucent, dark red color, set with highly polished face and sole, you'll love how elegant it looks. It exudes the appearance of a really professional club.

You're pretty much guaranteed an improvement in your game when you use the SMT 455. It's worth your while to try it out to see how it affects your game. If you want a driver that can move the distance, you should give the SMT 455 a try.

If you shop online, you can find an SMT 455 that is offered at a good price. Take some time to shop around to find good quality clubs at great prices. You can also find a site that offers good delivery prices as well as warranties.

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