Snoopy Golf Clubs

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Getting young children interested in things requires a little bit of magic. Young children's attention spans are very short and they tend to move a mile a minute. The La Jolla Club company has created a set of golf clubs intended to draw the attention of young children. La Jolla has introduced the Snoopy Set, a starter set of golf clubs designed for young children age's two to six.

The Snoopy Set is the number one selling product in youth golf. The set comes with a driver, an iron, a putter and a bag. The driver has a picture of Snoopy on the top of the club with Snoopy's name, picture and paw prints on the bottom. The iron includes a portrait on the back of the club that has Snoopy and Charlie Brown on the golf course. The bag also has a picture of Snoopy with his name printed down the side.

Snoopy Clubs Are Designed for Kids

La Jolla built the Snoopy club specifically for children. The shaft of the driver and the iron are designed with the sole intent of matching the swing speed of a young child. Adults will swing around 100 miles per hour and adult shafts are designed to withstand that type of swing speed. The shafts in the Snoopy clubs are designed for a 25+ mile per hour swing speed.

Snoopy clubs offer a great gift idea for a child, grandchild or family member. Teaching a child how to play golf can create opportunities for many memories for both the parent and child. Getting out on the golf course a couple of times a month with your child will be a great chance to communicate and bond with your kid. The game also teaches the child character traits such as honesty and patience as well as basic math skills.

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