Starter Golf Clubs

Written by Jacey Harmon
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For a golfer who is just starting the game of golf, it is best if a starter set is used to begin playing. For older individuals, a starter set will cost less than a full set of clubs. By purchasing a starter set, you can avoid the unnecessary expense of a full set if you don't like the game. A starter set for an adult should contain at least three woods, two wedges, a putter and a four through nine irons.

Starter clubs for children vary greatly from adult sets. Starter clubs for very young children, ages three to five, will come in a small set. These sets will often include just one wood, iron and putter. The weight of the clubs is likely to be at least 25 percent lighter than a normal adult club. The lighter weight allows a child to learn how to swing freely and smoothly.

Children starting at an older age, ages six through twelve, will use a larger set of clubs. A set of clubs for children this age can range from a total of five to twelve clubs. The desired size of the set will depend on the budget of the parent and desires of the child. Typically, if the kid is really excited to play and you can afford it, the larger set would be the better purchase.

Other Differences in Starter Golf Clubs

The loft of each club face will be higher for starter clubs than for adult clubs. Anybody who has played golf knows that hitting a nine iron is easier than hitting a three iron. The reason for this is the loft of the club face. Higher loft is more forgiving of off center hits than lower loft clubs. Higher lofts for children's clubs will help kids hit better shots, keeping their confidence and interest in the game high.

To give your child the best possible chance at becoming a skilled player, you may want to consider a set of custom clubs. Custom clubs are designed for the specific height of your child. The clubs are often built with a little extra length to allow for your child's growth as well. A club that is built to the correct height will allow the kid a chance at developing correct posture, stance, and swing mechanics that are vital to a successful golf shot.

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