Steel Golf Club Shafts

Written by Kevin Little
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Steel golf club shafts are among the rare classics that have managed to stick around in an age of ever-advancing technology. Surviving the development of graphite and titanium shafts, steel shafts are still preferred by a great many players due to their sweet feel and low price. To put this accomplishment in perspective, just try to think of the last time you saw an aluminum tennis racquet.

Golfers love the feel of certain clubs, and steel golf club shafts provide the predictable flexibility that many players grew up with. Sure, steel is quite a bit heavier than newer materials, but if you can swing the club, you can play with it--and play well. Some habits need not be broken, after all.

Price-Friendly Steel Golf Club Shafts

One of the factors that draws players, even new players, to steel golf club shafts is the low price of these particular golf club components. There may not be advanced technology in a steel shaft, but players on a budget thank their lucky stars for these high-quality pieces of golfing equipment. Some, no matter the budget, just won't use anything else.

Whether you're in the market for graphite or steel club shafts, you should at least consider the option of building a club by yourself, from components of your choosing. Such a method of filling your golf bag is not only inexpensive but very educational as well. You'll learn the different factors that make a golf club perform in a certain way, and almost certainly discover something about the way your golf game works at the same time!

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