Tee Box Signs

Written by Gregg Ruais
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At golf outings and tournaments, players compete in a number of ways. Of course, shooting for the lowest score is almost always rewarded. Other common contests include longest drive, straightest drive, and farthest putt. Golfers cannot apply their best shots from all 18 holes towards these contests; rather, they are gauged based on how what they do at particular holes. Hence, the worst golfer on the course can actually take home the best prizes with one lucky swing, and that always makes the competition interesting.

Tee box signs inform golfers when they have reached the contested holes. They can opt to swing a little harder than usual when striving for the longest drive or concentrate on their forms when vying for the straightest drive. Players need to know where these contests take place so they can measure how far they hit the ball. They can't win those prizes without knowing the yardage on their drives.

Sign Graphics and Advertisements

Tee box signs shouldn't be eyesores. One reason so many people golf is they enjoy being outdoors. The greenery and fresh air makes a round of golf worthwhile even for people who play poorly. Hence, signs placed in tee boxes often contain graphics of famous golf courses, a viewing favorite of many players.

Sign makers often find advertisers for these signs. Many companies are willing to pay to have their emblems posted on several thousand signs that will be placed on courses all over the United States. As a result, golf courses can find very affordable tee box signs.

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