Tiger Head Covers

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Tiger Woods is one of the most popular golfers and athletes throughout the world. Oddly enough, one of Tiger's accessories is just about as popular--his tiger head cover. Nike even used his head cover in a series of commercials promoting their products. Tiger's popularity and the popularity of his head covers have lead to the growth of animal head covers, namely tiger head covers.

A Brief History of Head Covers

Head covers are intended to protect the club from damage inflicted by other clubs. In the old days of golf, woods were literally made out of wood. The wood would easily get damaged, so a cover was designed to protect the club head. Hence, the head cover was born and is still alive and well today.

Modern woods are anything but wood. Instead they are made out of titanium, steel, and even carbon composites. These clubs are much more durable than the woods of the past. The durability hasn't reduced the popularity of head covers, however. Every golfer will have at least all of her woods covered and may even have her irons and putters covered as well.

Head covers have expanded from the boring, plain, one-color cloth to unique animals and cartoon characters. Tigers, Bugs Bunny, Grateful Dead bears, and even the Caddyshack gopher are all available as head covers. Head covers can come in two styles--slip over and zip up. Slip over covers are the type that is simply pulled over the wood. Zipper covers include a zipper that needs to be unzipped in order to remove the club from the cover.

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