Tour Series

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Children have different needs in a golf club than an adult does. As children grow and their skill level changes, their needs in a golf club will change as well. Tour Series golf clubs are designed for children between ages nine and twelve. Tour Series clubs can come in complete sets of clubs, or just irons or woods.

Tour Series clubs have some of the same design advantages as adult clubs. The woods provide for an oversized titanium club face that allows greater forgiveness of off-center shots. The irons include oversized heads as well wider flanges to avoid digging into the ground. Tour Series clubs are available for right and left handed junior golfers.

Tour Series Golf Clubs Specifications

Tour Series golf clubs are intended for children aged nine to twelve years old that have a higher skill level than early beginners. The reason why juniors should have higher skill levels when using these clubs is because they are designed with normal lofts. Most junior clubs offer higher lofts than adult clubs to make hitting the ball easier for the kid. Tour Series clubs have the same loft as adult clubs.

Tour Series Ti-Matrix driver is available with a 360 cubic centimeter head and is made out of a titanium-aluminum alloy. The Tour Series three wood has a 200 cubic centimeter head allowing for more forgiveness when hitting the club off the ground. Tour Series clubs can come in a set seven or 12 clubs. This gives the parents the ability to buy a set that matches the child's skill level and fits in the parent's budget.

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