Training Clubs

Written by Jacey Harmon
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The golf swing has a thousand aspects that all need to occur at the right time in the right place in order to hit a good golf shot. The most basic thing that needs to happen is the club face needs to be square at impact. If the clubface is open at impact, the ball will likely spin to the right for a slice. If the clubface is closed at impact, the ball will spin to the left for a hook.

Getting the club square is a lot easier said than done. The speed of the golf swing does not allow a lot of room for error. Many people will focus on their swing planes in an attempt to get the ball square. Others will consider their postures and stances at address and throughout the swing. One thing is for certain--without a proper grip, it will be difficult to get the club face square.

Getting the Right Grip

One tool that a player can use to learn the right grip is a training club. These clubs will have a molded grip that forces the hands to be placed in the correct position. It would be ideal if the molded grip was placed on an actual club. This would greatly benefit the player as he could learn how to play with the right grip.

Training clubs are mainly designed to help train a player to have the right grip. Some clubs will have other benefits. Weighted training clubs will help a player become more flexible while increasing strength. Higher flexibility will create more turn and torque and hence more distance. Strength can help a player force a ball out of heavy rough and maintain energy while walking a full 18-hole golf course.

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