Unique Gift Idea

Written by Sandy Mitchell
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Practically everything can be turned into a golf gift item these days, from logo golf balls and golf art to golf course maps and golf logo beer steins. Some golf gifts, however, stand out as unique. For example, knickers, a traditional Scottish golf costume, make an unusual golf gift for a young, male, fashion-minded golfer.

Great Golf Gifts

Golf balls painted as different sports balls--soccer, football, or basketball--are a different choice for dad. Other unique golf gifts include golf-themed money clips, contact lens holders, nightlights, switch plate covers, or key chains. Whatever your budget, there's a golf gift to interest your friends or family. For the homeowner, golf towels, sheets, and dinnerware can help keep their mind on the links.

Gag gifts, too, come in golf themes. There are golf balls that burst into water when hit, trophies that reward the "biggest pain in the rear" golfer, and golf balls that wiggle, making them impossible to hit. These unique gifts make good awards for participants in a community golf outing.

A wide array of golf gifts is available via online golf retailers and local golf shops. Prices of golf gifts vary from several dollars to several thousand dollars. Can't decide what to get? You might consider a gift certificate and let your gift recipient choose her own gift, or you might combine several items in a basket for a personalized golf gift.

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