Youth Golf Clubs

Written by Jacey Harmon
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Golf is a great game to teach a child because of the many benefits and lessons involved with the game. Walking the course is a source of great exercise, something many of the video game generation do not get. The game also enforces basic math skills, whether it is to figure distance or adding scores. The basic culture of the game teaches respect, honesty and politeness.

If your child is going to play golf, he will need the right equipment. Specifically, a set of golf clubs designed for children. Golf clubs for kids are not just adult clubs with smaller shafts. Instead, they are designed and built to the specifications a child would need in a golf club.

Golf Clubs for Kids

There are many differences between an adult golf club and a junior golf club. Children will swing at a much slower swing speed than an adult. Children's clubs are built with shafts that are designed for a slower swing. Each club is lighter, to allow a child to develop an easy, smooth swing. Each club head will have a higher loft than adult clubs. Higher lofted clubs are easier to hit straight and are much more forgiving of off center shots than lower lofted clubs.

The Internet is a great source for a person looking to find junior golf clubs. Many online golf shops will offer clubs designed for children. Local golf shops will likely carry a selection of junior golf clubs. To increase your selection and price variety, use both the Internet as well as local shops when choosing a set of kid's clubs.

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