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Equine Supplies

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Equine supplies are as much about horses as they are about riders. Horseback riding is, after all, a team sport. Subsequently, equestrians are encouraged to spoil their horses with healthy snacks, warm blankets and quality accessories to keep them in tip-top shape both mentally and physically.

No tack box is complete without a hefty supply of equine treats. Equine treats such as apples, carrots, horse-cookies and sugar cubes are always welcome at the barn. Equestrians who truly want to excel in the sport are encouraged to spend quality time with their horses. Daily grooming, grazing and walking time enables horses and riders the chance to get to know one another. And having a few treats in your back pocket doesn't hurt a bit either!

Equine blankets are another essential supply in which all equestrians should invest. Horse blankets are good for many reasons. First of all, they shield against the cold. Routine grooming and trimming eliminates many natural insulators. As a result, horses need their humans to provide an extra layer or warmth. Fortunately, horse blankets do just that! In addition, horse blankets keep pesky insects and barn dust at bay.

Leg wraps are another important equine supply. This is especially true for horses that are constantly training with their human partners. Inexpensive and remarkably effective, horse leg wraps help protect the ankle by providing extra support. What's more, they protect against accidental nicks and scrapes.

Caring for Equine Supplies
When treated with care, equine supplies can last a lifetime. And since so many equestrian supplies tend to be on the pricey side, cost-conscience riders would be wise to take good care of their tack! Fortunately, extending the life of equine supplies isn't a difficult task.

When it comes to caring for tack, routine maintenance is the order of the day. Don't wait for your saddle to crack and/or your bridle to become caked with dirt! Instead, perform simple acts of daily cleansing keep everything in order. Since most equine supplies are made of leather, do yourself a favor and invest in some quality soap and conditioner. Then, after every ride, give your saddle, girth, bridle, etc. a rubdown. Also, clean your bit each and every time it is used so your four-legged-friend will never have to endure a dirty mouthpiece.

Caring for Leather Equipment
Did you get caught in the rain during your last ride? If so, don't simply leave your tack out to try! Take a warm damp cloth and remove all the dirt, mud and puddles, then dry it with a towel. Not only will this prevent dirt build-up, but it will eliminate the risk of mildew. Next, get out some conditioner and lather it on. If you do this while the leather is still damp, your tack will glisten once it is dry.

In addition to the leather products in your tack kit, make sure to tend to items such as the saddle pad. Saddle pads should never get too dirty, lest they run the risk of causing skin irritations and infections to your horse. For the pads that can't be washed in the machine, a good wipe-down should do the trick.

As you can see, there are a variety of products and cleaning tips from which to choose when it comes to equine equipment. Whether you are a first-time rider or a seasoned pro, you would be wise to constantly update your tack box with new and effective supplies. Your horse will thank you for it in the ring!

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