Boot Knives

Written by Sierra Rein
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Boot knives are blades kept within sheaths attached to the edge of a boot, hip waiter or other high-topped shoe. They allow the knife to be hidden yet easily reachable in any situation. This can include day to day activities in addition to emergency first aid and defense.

There are many different sizes, shapes and functions of boot knives. Some are simply utility blades meant to be drawn for any number of uses, such as cutting rope, removing tangled clothing or warning off a potential attacker. Other knives are aerodynamic and are meant to be thrown instantly at an attacker once drawn from the sheath.

While boot knives are very glamourous, it takes skill and knowledge on how to use them and to intelligently know when to pull them out. Knowing how to install the sheath properly inside the boot will reduce the possibility of accidents. Some sheaths allow the user to control the pressure inside them and adjust how hard or easy it is for the blade to be inserted into it.

The Legalities of Boot Knives

You do not need a concealed weapon permit to own boot knives. However, most companies require the buyer to be at least 18 years of age. Of course, it is important to reveal the whereabouts of these knives to authorities at airports, police stations and important events, just in case they are on the lookout for anyone suspicious.

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