Bowie Knives

Written by Sierra Rein
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The history of Bowie knives harkens back to the 1820s, after a man known as Jim Bowie fought and won a bar fight utilizing a formidable butcher knife. Bowie was proclaimed as one of the most formidable knife fighters of the South. Men soon flocked to blacksmiths and knife craftsmen to forge knives as strong and as powerful as Bowie's.

Although the original manufacturer of the Bowie knife is not known for sure, the look and style is highly recognizable. The blade is straight until the tip, where the point is chipped on one side. They were highly utilized from the 1840s through the Civil War and were noted for their simple wood grips and 12 7/8 inch blades.

The Bowie knives of today feature the same look and incredibly powerful feel of their former ancestors, but also include modern design technologies. Today's manufacturers utilize top of the line stainless steel, wood and other handle materials to create an incredible array of unique designs, from alien carvings to ivory-inlaid handles. Some are too beautiful to actually utilize for menial cutting tasks and are usually mounted in glass cases or hung on walls as decorative touches.

Bowie Knives as Practical Tools

However, apart from their beauty, Bowie knives can also be extremely useful to hunters, hikers, campers and anyone interested in providing themselves with a method of self defense. Proper training in knife handling is recommended before using a knife with any great rigor. It is also important to regularly clean and sharpen a Bowie knife in order to maintain its usefulness and high quality standards.

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