Buck Knives

Written by Sierra Rein
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Buck knives are extremely recognizable, especially amongst hunters and survivalist groups. The Buck company has been making them ever since the year 1902 and has grown to become a household name. For more than a century Buck knives have been given to dads, sons, fellow hunters, graduates and new fishermen for birthdays and as congratulatory gifts.

There are many categories of Buck knives, from fishing and hunting fixed blades to folding and multi-tool knives. Collector's knives feature special designs and incredibly detailed handles and carved blades. Finally, athletes and adventurers such as kayakers, rock climbers, campers and hikers rely on the Buck name for their very survival in the wild.

Some people prefer the original designs introduced in the early 1900s. However, with the growing years into the 21st century, new knife and blade technologies allowed the Buck company to branch out into different developmental knife schemes. Utilizing the patented Edge2x Technology, a Buck blade is considered to be one of the strongest, most geometrically sharp ones on the market today.

Proper Care and Sharpening of Buck Knives

Like most tools, one must know how to clean, sharpen and store a buck knife for future use. Sharpening wheels and stones can be purchased in order to keep the blade as strong and as sharp as possible, while many knife accessory companies offer lubrication and polishing kits as well. Storing your buck knife in a clean, soft sheath will help it maintain its usefulness as well as its luster.

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